One reason ION-MINĀ® works better than ordinary mineral supplements, such as liquid colloidals is that it contains silicon (aka silica) platelets, the one mineral that acts as a delivery agent for vital trace minerals, and as a metabolic catalyst in combination with other minerals to support bone and tissue health

Because of its extremely average small particle size, both the mineral payload (cationic minerals) and the delivery/catalyst mechanism (anionic silica) can reach your bloodstream through your tissue and help rejuvenate your body quickly and consistently. This capability improves the performance of clays that are ingested as well as clays that are used topically, both in terms of mineralization and detoxification

The detoxification capability of a clay is related to the ionic absorbing qualities of clay. Montmorillonite is one of the most versatile and powerful ionic absorptive clays. This ionic - electrokinetic property is magnified in clays that contain smaller particles because materials made up of smaller platelets have a larger surface area per unit of weight. This means the ionic capacity is cumulatively larger in very fine clays.

Nevertheless, liquid clay or mineral products simply do not contain enough material to be good sources of nutrients or colonic cleansing agents. To be effective, there must be a large quantity, which is visible to the eye, such as powders or tablets. So to be practical, both fine colloidal particles and sufficient dosages of the right kind of clay are important to its performance as a nutrition and health supplement.

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