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Do You Remember Jack Lalanne?

...Well some of us do anyway.

I still remember my mother and her girlfriends getting together at each others homes in our neighborhood for workouts and sipping on health drinks in Mill Valley, California where I grew up. We girls would sit and giggle watching our parents in front of the TV working out to Jack Lalanne.

My mom Peggy had to keep herself thin and pretty for her modeling job at the local Mill Valley tennis courts. Mother always had a garden, so we ate fresh vegetables a lot. I loved vegetables and gardens. As I grew up I got into making and drinking many different health drinks. I have tried them all in all combinations! In these days with computers there are literally thousands of green drinks, super foods and many combinations of them all advertized as the best greens! It can get very confusing for people trying to help themselves with diet changes etc.

When I was in my 20s raising my children we always sprouted seeds and nuts and for the family. Rinsing those 3 or 4 times a day on a rack near my sink or outdoors in the shade with some sun worked well. In those days we only had clean spring water, because we lived away from towns. My children loved the sprouts, the Alfalfa, Mung, Sunflower and Lentil beans to name a few.

I always chewed wild grass as a child and as I grew up. The grasses were pure, clean and so sweet. I remember discovering how to play music with a blade of grass (before I took up playing the flute) while my children and goats played at my feet and chewed their grasses. The goats had the sweetest milk! I later grew my own wheat grass in trays and we juiced the sweet green healthy chlorophyll blades. Sometimes if we forgot to put a tray up on the table outside our grey geese would be enjoying the grass as well, even though they had all the grass in the world to eat. Our family loved it in our organic carrot juice and we still do today.

Unfortunately not everybody in this fast paced world has time to prepare super foods and health drinks, so we needed to search for the very highest quality greens and super foods in a jar. After months of research we came upon the Synergy greens and other super foods.

We were so impressed by the company’s environmental awareness and the founder Mitchell May’s amazing healing story where he was never to walk again after a tragic car accident and his unheeding determination to walk. Against all odds he did heal himself and walk again. Dr May continues to research into the healing potential of life force, energy fields and energetic nutrition.

12oz bottle of Pure SynergyI personally take the synergy products because they are very health giving, very delicious and more importantly you can feel the difference! When we are pressed for time it’s so easy to put the freeze dried synergy greens into our beloved Vita Mix machine and blend for a full 2 seconds as to not heat the greens and then drink within 4 min so that we get the natural living enzymes that are in the greens immediately into our bodies. Pure synergy has all my favorite ingredients the different greens, seaweeds, berries, mushrooms and sprouts together ready for my morning energy pickup.

The Manuka 15+ healing raw honey (never heated) is better than any honey I have ever eaten REALLY! You’re talking to a girl who followed bees in the forest and raided the forest bee hives. This Manuka honey is from New Zealand and is hand harvested on a nature preserve; it just doesn’t get better then that! A little goes a long way, it’s very powerful so use wisely. The Radiant C is truly the best vitamin c on the planet…..Don’t take my word for any of it!

Try some of these Superfoods and help yourself to better health!

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