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A Little Silly but the Dog does have Character!

Gizmo the little Chihuahua and the whistle pig.

Gizmo the little black bug Chihuahua was born in Dallas Texas on May 1st 2007(May day) and when he was 7 months old he traveled in an Boeing 737NG plane to Denver Colorado where had an adventure with a strange animal.

This is Gizmos song:

“Oh gizmo is a little black bug come from Mexico they say, come all the way from Texas just looking for a place to stay just lookin for a home, just lookin for a home!”just lookin for a home just lookin for a home.

Gizmo 2lbs 1 oz ball of color, blue, red, and white, with one brown spot around one eye, suddenly awoke up from his dream about Cinco de Mayo and drinking too much good Mexican beer. He felt intoxicated, as he peered out of the tiny cat crate through the one brown eye as the Boeing 737NG plane landed in the Denver airport. Strange large human giants from another planet peered in him. He missed his Mama and Papa. He barked out: “Cut the crap folks where am I?” his pure white father and brown mother appeared in his mind’s eye. He could hear them say “Gizmo you’re our baby toy and we believe in you so don’t look back son!”

Every one ooed and aaad at his tiny bug like eyes and ears and spotted paint pony like fur coat, he shivered again and again in the tiny crate. He looked just like a skinny guinea pig with a long tail and large ears. Finally he was carried out into the runway and the fresh Colorado air woke up his senses. A woman opened the crate so he could take a “Giz Wiz “on the small patch of grass at the airport strip. After relieving himself Gizmo decided to take things under his own rule and without looking back, took off in a dead run across the airstrip… suddenly he found himself running alongside a “whistle pig” or better known as a “ground hog” trying to get to the other side of the runway before a Bombardier CRJ jet rolled over his whistle. Gizmo followed the hog onto the other side of the runway into its burrow. My name is “Warf” the ground hog spat out, as he dragged Giz by the back of his neck into his burrow underground where the sounds of the planes were muffled.

“Can I offer you a drink”! “Sure” Gizmo replied as he lapped up the sweet fermented green cactus nectar that Warf offered. The “little black bug come from Mexico they say” felt much better as he lay back in Warf’s living room against a pile of old recycled t-shirts.

Warf told Gizmo about the sad fate of his parents in a tragic runaway runway accident. Gizmo and Warf soon became close buddies after Warf told Giz that they were both Hogs! Warf explained to Gizmo that he was a guinea pig with a long tail, and Warf was a whistle pig and that it was the same thing from the very same( Hog family)! Gizmo was very confused, and told Warf that he had been told by his parents that he was a little black bug come from Mexico they say, and that a song had been written about him. Warf agreed he was ‘a little black bug come from Mexico they say, “But now he had advanced to “HOG FAMILY!! “ Gizmo still a bit confused, did feel more at home each moment he spent with Warf. He told Warf that his parent’s called him a toy and so he thought he was also a toy. Warf explained toys were not alive, that they were stuffed animals baby humans played with. Giz eyes rolled behind his head in thought. Warf showed Giz both their reflection’ in a broken mirror from a broken plane crash, they did look almost same. They both had pointed ears although Giz were a lot larger and they had pointed noses, even though Gizmo’s nose was much longer but they both had the same bug bulging eyes. Warf was a little larger in size with hardly a tail at all, and a lot fatter!

Warf showed Gizmo how to play cards and bet on how many planes landed on the runway within a certain amount of time. Warf knew exactly how many planes landed and so he always won the bets. He made Giz clean up his burrow and do chores for him. Gizmo, exhausted from all the work and excitement fell asleep on the t shirts, and dreamed he was the flying black pig bug flying in from Mexico to Colorado, but this time he was flying himself with little black bug wings, instead of inside the steel belly of the big plane bird who had swallowed him and spit him out in Denver, Colorado just a few hours ago. His song everyone used to sing to him ringed in his ears and he slept like a baby dreaming of eating yummy meat tortillas and dancing the Mexican hat dance with his mother, when the hum of a Aerospatiale Airbus A320 got louder and louder until it almost burst his large ear drums. He woke up in a sweat and the whole burrow shook like an earthquake. Warf was nowhere to be seen, so Giz searched the burrow and ended up finding the food pantry at the end of a long dark tunnel. He was so hungry he could eat a whole mouse, tail and all!

He chewed and pushed open the leather wallet door with his strong bony legs that held the food burrow shut, and his bug eyes then beheld the most wonderful sight in the whole world. Animal carcass lay in piles with berries and fruit sandwiched in between. (Hog had recycled them off the runways when they were hit by the big steel birds.) The little black bug Chihuahua decided to try a taste of everything. He started in chewing and tearing with his small pin sharp canines; savoring every mouthful…suddenly he spat out the rat’s meat, and stuck with the taster meat from the birds and lizards, feathers and scales and all! They were the most Delicious! When he was satisfied he lunged the leather wallet door back in place with skinny little hip, and decided to climb up the passage way and peek out of the hole to the Denver universe beyond.

The Hog was nowhere to be seen, and so just as he was about to embark onto the grassy strip of land that ran along the runway to take a Giz Wiz, when all of a sudden a jet was trying to land, but it was coming off the runway straight for Warf Hog’s burrow and Gizmo the buggy eyed toy guinea pig.

It was a “Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ)” and this steel bird had no mercy! It was coming with its mouth open for Gizmo the little black bug come from Mexico they say. Giz froze up like a Popsicle,and thought for sure he was going to be dinner, when all the lights went out!

Gizmo’s adventure stories to be continued:

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