Benefits of Alkaline and Ionized Water

Vesta Water Ionizer
Vesta Ionizer Features:

UltraWater Dual Filtration ~
See the certified test results. Removed are the toughest contaminants like pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, chemicals, VOCs and more. We even offer a fluoride removal option.

9 Platinum Titanium Electrodes -
Vesta delivers more power per square inch than larger, less sophisticated models that require large wattage. Think small. Think efficient

Smart Switch™ ~
Next generation SMPS power supply provides the most stable and efficient power platform.

AutoClean ~
Fully automatic post use cleaning protects your investment – and unlike other ionizers brands you never have to wait for your alkaline water

AutoAdjust™ Optimizer ~
Automatically adjusts the ionizing power to give you the best performance for your particular water source. The result is a bigger change in pH, better ORP and more active production of oxygen from the electrodes. You get optimal performance and benefit, no matter where you live or what your water quality is. Every time. Easy. Automatic.

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For many the benefits of drinking clean alkaline and ionized water on a daily basis is profound. Many people have related to us that they feel more readily hydrated, have more energy, and for some; sense not being as thirsty. Many folks have also noted that when drinking alkaline and ionized water they felt more hydrated quickly than when drinking from other water sources. Many world class athletes train with alkaline and ionized water including Olympic and professional athletes, and choose high quality water for good reason!

It does make perfect sense that water being as important to over all health that it is...water with higher atoned qualities would be more conducive to optimum health and be attributed as having
'living qualities!'

Significant benefits:

  • Good clean water is achieved with the highly effective Elita 700 Under Sink Water Filtration Municipal water in particular is on average cleaned to 99.9% contaminant free. Heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, chlorine and chloramines are removed to non-detectable levels. The standard .1Micron filter also removes most problem bacteria and for those that need finer filtration we offer the .01Micron Ultra Filter which is 10 times finer filtration than the standard filter and will remove all known microorganisms. For most municipal water the Ultra would not be necessary unless you would like to have the best however those with wells may want to consider the Ultra Biostone.
  • Many levels of alkaline and acid pH to choose from with all of our water ionizers. What a great benefit to have control over the pH of your drinking water! Of course cooking at the highest alkaline pH is superb and making teas or coffee is great and we love it that excess acid is buffered. The acid water can be used to clean your countertops or to use topically for insect bites, cuts or abrasions. Some folks consider the acid water beauty water and use acid water to thoroughly clean their faces etc.
  • During electrolysis the water becomes ionized and the alkaline water gains a good negative oxidation reduction potential or –ORP for short. This –ORP of the clean drinking water is a powerful antioxidant, is helpful in digestion and neutralizing free radicals. It certainly is the choice of many over regular tap or bottled water that actually has a positive ORP having an oxidizing effect and the fact that ionized water with a negative ORP is just plain better to drink.
  • Ionization reduces water clusters from on average 10 to 13 molecules in a cluster to about half of 5 to 6 molecules a cluster. This has been demonstrated in the lab using MNR imaging. These smaller clusters or reduced water absorb more readily and our cells can only process a water molecule one at a time. It also has been noted that nutrients pass easier through smaller clusters of water. That makes sense considering the attraction of a water molecule to other molecules. You can see this principal in a beaded water drop.
  • Much dissolved oxygen is dissolved into the ionized water during electrolysis so every glass is teeming with it. This may also provide aerobic bacteria in the intestinal tract extra oxygen for maximum propagation and effectiveness. In today’s high stress environments every health advantage that we have the better to optimize our heath and well being.
  • It does make total sense that the combined qualities of alkaline and ionized water are providing us with living water that supports homeostasis. Of course water is that important anyway, especially considered that we live in a chronically dehydrated culture with modern stress factors that actually could increase our needs for really good water. Bottled, reverse osmosis, and distilled water fall short of these more living qualities that are mentioned here and really who wants to drink out of cheap plastic bottles or less than optimum acidic and high positive ORP water?
  • The cost of bottled water will continue to be an expense for those that exclusively rely on this commodity and at the cost of not drinking a more optimized form of living water with better over all qualities. After all an investment in a water ionizer pays for itself in many ways and with our new lifetime warranty the initial investment brings back long term returns!

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