USA made Biostone Plus Filtration
Photo illustrating the new Biostone Plus water filter

The Biostone Plus water filter puts a spin on efficacy with its unique engineered body design reducing channeling and creating vortices hydraulics. This spinning action forces the water to go more effectively through the filter medium! The filtration media is a uniquely treated type of “super” carbon and is specifically designed to filter out the chlorine and chloramines that municipal water is treated with and will remove them to undetectable levels or 99.9% contaminant free!

If you are on a city water then it makes great sense use the Biostone Plus water ionizer filter!

Optimal performance includes a special heavy metal reduction media that effectively reduces lead, aluminum, copper and other heavy metals. The addition of Bio-ceramic Tourmaline reduces surface tension in the water and aids in the ionization process. Multiple sediment filters between the various stages remove the suspended solids of one micron or greater and finish filtration to .1M.

The Biostone Plus is manufactured in the USA with NSF
certified components and and is priced at: $89.95

Both the Biostone Plus .1M and the .01M Ultra Filters fit the following water ionizers:

Cross section of Ultra Biostone .01MThe Ultra Biostone Filter .01 Micron is considered by many to be the finest domestic water filter of it's kind in the world today. Also called a hollow membrane filter this filter is the same size filter that is used in kidney dialysis. It is the finest (smallest micron) domestic filter available and will remove virtually everything except for the essential alkalizing minerals. Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses, Sizes and Significance

Magified hollow membrane fibers that comprise the upper filter body of the Ultra Biostone

Technologically advanced filtration of .01M is achieved with special Hollow Membrane Fibers illustrated in upper body of the filter shown the left. A single strand of these special fiber is shown magnified 40 times in the photo to the right. There are hundreds of these in the Ultra Biostone filter! This high degree of filtration ensures the no microorganisms can make it through the filter.

The granular activated carbon medium is of highest quality that comes from the UK and is NSF certified. Silver is also impregnated into the carbon to make sure that bacteria do not grow there. Because it is embedded, or impregnated, into the carbon so that silver does not leach into the water. Tests done show that no silver is released from these water ionizer filters.

Typically, if on city water we recommend the Biostone Plus however for certain well and suspected issues with bacteria we most definitely recommend the .01M Ultra filter. Other concerns such as hyper-allergy issues etc. or for those that demand the best than the Ultra biostone is your best choice!

Ultra-Biostone Filter: $99.95

Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses, Sizes and Significance (Sizes in Micrometers - MM)

Note: Both the Ultra and the Plus filters are designed for 1000 gallons of filtration and all Jupiter Science water ionizers have a filter indicator that keeps track of filter life.

Ultra Biostone $99.95 Each

Coral Calcium is a Utilitarian Component of the Biostone Filters

Photo of enviromental friendly coral deposits on land

The natural mineral calcium in the filter and the optional cartridge inserts, come from Japan and is certified by the Japanese Government and contains magnesium that is required for calcium assimilation. Small amounts of coral calcium are added to the water each time water passes through the filter. The coral calcium is Japanese premium grade and comes from environmentally approved land deposits. The coral calcium not only helps to slightly re-mineralize the water but also naturally sweetens the water and helps change volatile fluorine molecules into a benign compound calcium fluoride.

The aragonite form of coral calcium in these filters is more crystalline and has a higher specific gravity than Calcite and is harder and denser attributed to a denser packing of the atoms. Aragonite is also much more water soluble than calcium carbonate with 15% more dissolved calcium carbonate per liter of water comparing equal amounts of each and left to dissolve to equilibrium.

According to Professor Yoshino Yamauchi of the Aragonite Institute of Japan, The ionization process of the aragonite fossil Coral is 6 times greater than that of calcite. Fossil coral calcium is also much greater in electrical is capable of entering into an immediate chemical reaction whenever it is required by the body. In layman's terms, the above-sea coral is about 6 times more bio-available than heat treated varieties.

Ceramic Tourmaline "Biostone" of the filters:

Ceramic tourmaline beads illustrated

The Ceramic Biostone in the filter is produced in Korea and comes with Korean FDA Although Tourmaline is very hard at 7.5 on the hardness scale, the ceramic form is very durable and will never leach any Tourmaline into the water. The consistent size is also an advantage in producing an even electric potential across the ceramic tourmaline medium which increases effectiveness.

Graphic with meter showing electrical current resulting from pressure changes

Tourmaline is piezoelectric and that is derived from the Greek word piezein meaning to press tight to squeeze. The dynamic processes produces an electric potential measured in mill volts when pressure is applied even small amounts such as water pressure. Tourmaline also is pyroelectric meaning an electric potential is produced when any temperature changes occur. An example of this is when cold water passes through ambient temperature of the ionizer filter. These electric fields help to ionize and reduce molecular clustering of the water passing through.

Tourmaline is helping to naturally produce living water before going through the water cell. That means there is a beneficial net gain even when you use your ionizer on the pure cycle! Because of the piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, Tourmaline is used in electronic, medical, and scientific applications of many kinds.

Tourmaline has the unique property of emitting a natural form of FIR or Far Infra Red energy. The prefix 'infra' means 'below' and refers to the wavelengths that are just below the red end of the visible spectrum, hence 'infra-red'. FIR produces a form of radiant heat which is simply a form of energy that heats an object directly, without having to heat the surrounding air. The radiant properties of Infra-red occupies the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and radio waves. There are many, many health products that employ FIR, including our Biostone filters. Water can absorb infrared rays from an external source. This phenomenon is called resonant absorption.

The tourmaline in the these filters is put into a ceramic bead form. Ceramic is completely non reactive and non leaching. Many water filters employ ceramic media. This combination of hardness and that it is in a ceramic medium means that no tourmaline can leach into the water, none ever and the benefits of negative ionization are retained. Finally all ingredients are put into the filter housing where sealing is achieved by using high motion heat friction thereby avoiding the need for any harmful chemicals.

Certified Lab test of the Biostone filter: Certificate of analysis for Metal Scan

Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses, Sizes and Significance (Sizes in Micrometers - MM)

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