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Photo of the Specialty Dual faucet These dual faucets are available in five finishes and come complete with parts kit for under the sink installation of your water ionizer!

The under counter installation of your water ionizer has been simplified with the new dual faucets. These beautifully designed and crafted dual faucets come in 5 different finishes and come complete with all the hoses and fittings to install your Athena or Melody under your kitchen sink. The new stylish dual faucet is a very popular option because once the system is installed just a turn of the handle pours a glass of alkaline living water with the optional use of the acid water at the same time.

Many customers appreciate the convenience of installing their ionizer under the sink. In the past, a single spouted faucet was available for the Melody water ionizer, but that system was less than ideal because access to the acid water was lost. In addition, the installation was complicated with the need to connect the acidic hose to the drains under the sink.

Specialty dual faucet installed at the sink!

The new dual faucet installation is not difficult and can be accomplished by the handy individual or depending upon on the situation you may need a plumber or handyman. You may also need an electrician to install the power source if one is not available or to modify the existing outlet under your sink cabinet. Generally these installations are not difficult to do and are worth the extra effort to install your water ionizer under the sink. This will give you more counter top room with the added convenience and choice of five finishes to match your existing kitchen faucet etc. Please see installation diagram below.

Please note that many waste disposals are plugged directly into the outlet under the sink base cabinet, and are switch controlled at one side of the sink. This will have to be modified so that the power to the water ionizer is on at all times. Please check with your electrician or ask us for more details. We are available to talk with the person doing the installation with to help with any question they may in advance or during installation.

Under sink installation diagram The dual faucet requires a 1.5 inch hole to one side side of the sink for installation. You may have one available but sometimes drilling one may be necessary. This is easily done in a stainless sink but a ceramic sink would have to use an existing hole. Check with your local granite or marble counter top installers to drill a hole through these type of counter tops. It is not rocket science and can easily be done with a diamond core box bit.

Quality craftsmanship goes into every faucet. Patent pending, these vented faucets feature a single ergonomic control handle and are exceptionally high quality special faucets that use only ceramic moving parts for long life and easy operation. An easy turn with the handle to the side, both alkaline and acidic water flow with alkaline water out of the larger spout and acid water out of the smaller spout. Combined with stylish looks, ease of use, and excellent functionality these dual water faucets will excel in any kitchen.

A photo collage of small images of dual faucets

This faucet has no electric controls so access to the ionizer under the counter is still needed to change pH settings, adjust flow rate or check filter life indicator.

Colors/finishes available include polished chrome, brushed chrome, brushed nickel, brass and white.

All faucets come with hoses, John Guest fittings including shut off valve and directions for installation. Typically there are not solder connections to deal with as the included fittings thread onto your cold water line just below the flex hose. The faucet is pre-fitted with 1/4 inch water lines that are color coded. Those lines simply push on to the fittings with a quality non-leaking fit if inserted properly.

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