Animals have always been a very important healing part of all of our lives. They are always there when we need them and love us unconditionally. We should all be more thankful for their friendship/love and raise them with all natural foods and clean, live water.

I cared for my animals the same as I did my children.

Barbara and her pet Malumut

Hello, my name is Barbara Raggio and I am a nature girl and mountain woman. I grew up in the mountains and countryside’s; and raised two children in the northern California Mountains. We harvested natural wild crafted nourishing healing herbs for our family including Malva herb, Blessed thistle, Dock, Nettles, and many more edible herbs that were growing sustainable in areas in Northern California where I grew up. I loved herbs so much I later named my eldest daughter Meadowsweet after one of my beloved herbs.

My beloved Donkeys and goats loved the various thistles and would hunt them out for me while I hiked in the wild fields and forests harvesting. That is how I learned they were safe to eat. I had learned a lot about wild foods and edible clays from an American Indian medicine man when I was just 8 years old at horse camp in California, where Roy Rogers boarded his beautiful horse “Trigger”.

Barbara and her donkey Buritto

I had a beautiful white companion pack donkey named “Omega” who birthed a darling spotted baby girl we named “Thistle”! We used the thistle and dandelion roots in our diet as well with great success. I would gather the herbs using wild craft methods of being careful to leave some of the herbs in abundant numbers for grow back conditions. Omega would graciously pack the herbs on her pack saddle down the trail back home. We then would wash them in the natural alkaline spring waters that bubbled out of mother earth, and dry them by hanging them upside down on the rafters in our cabin’s, to dry slowly by the woodstoves heat. Thistle was born in the winter in our living room, while Omega drank the warm Goats milk with molasses and rested in her beautiful quilt body blanket I had made for her the year before.

All my life I have been bringing home abandoned animals that I have found along the roads and hill sides. Birds that were hit by cars that I found lying or hopping on the roadside would come home with me to be nursed back to health, with the help of the higher power. I was becoming quite proficient at healing wings and mending damaged legs by the time I was 12. I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment freeing many newly healed birds off our redwood deck to freedom! I began studying the healing of bird’s legs and wings so I could continue this rewarding endeavor. So I did!

I have done much research over the years and have found some of the very best remedies for animals. I am happy to share them with you now. Enjoy!

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