Hi my name is Barbara Raggio or “Barbara Red Eagle” my name given to me by my Cherokee Indian medicine woman mentor, and my children’s God mother. I am an intuitive natural health consultant/mountain medicine woman for people and pets.

Since I was 3 years old I had always been interested in helping people and animals. I have had a full life working with animals and children. I’m writing my autobiography about all the teachings I have had and the guidance from many including Family, Jesus, gifted people/Indians, spirits guides and animals, growing up. I grew up as a natural horse girl and learned the importance of good natural diets and feeds for animals. I studied feeds and feeding for livestock in agriculture classes in college. I learned from a California Native American Indian medicine man when I was 12/13 years old at a horse camp (where Roy Rogers kept Trigger boarded) he taught us girls about gathering natural mountain herbs, preparation, and clay healing/eating.

My father had bought an old Adobe Mission and turned it into a home. It had a turnaround driveway with 2 big colored glass bells as you drove up to the house. It had a courtyard out back with a plaque of the Lord’s Prayer engraved on it. I remember telling my mother that “Casper the Ghost” keeps visiting me. This white being came around three times to my bedroom in the mission house that I remember and always told me the same thing that he loved me and would always be with me. I was not afraid and later on he told me who he was. I always asked him before making big decisions in my life. I had more angelic visitations throughout my life and you can read about them in my books. I went on to raise dairy goats, and chickens in high school, and make my own cheese and kefirs. I found a natural food cook book on the road walking home from school called “Zen macrobiotics” so I started to change my diet and include goat milk and chicken eggs from my own animals, my health improved and my bad cramps from my monthly menses went away! I felt fantastic! I know now who left me that cook book to find!

In high school I studied organic gardening on my own and sometimes after school I would drive my covetable 67 blue Rambler car to the ocean with my 4 goat’s beards and bells flying and ringing in the wind on hwy 1 out to Bodega Bay where my goat girls, Bonnie, Glenda, Marigold and Jezebel and I collected kelp for my organic garden.

I raised 4 children without any doctor bills, built a log cabin using no electricity or nails, cutting all the logs with a two man saw, trained my white spirit donkey (Omega) to pull the logs from the forest to the building site, followed honey bees in the forests to the big trees and harvested my own mountain honey. Collected and dried berries and herbs for the family, taught natural Japanese cooking classes in northern California, made and sold my own unleavened rice breads for health food stores, lived without running water and electricity. Had natural childbirths without midwifes, nursed all my 4 children and raised them all organic, raised a premature baby that weighed only 2 lbs at birth, kept donkeys and sometime roosters that had gotten into fights in my living room in the cold winters, raised my own meat, rode and packed many horses and donkeys, lived with black snakes and copper heads on a Tennessee farm, swam in ice cold rivers and streams, saved my kids from fires and drowning, raised natural children off the grid, cooked on wood stoves and washed diapers from snow melt, witnessed angelic beings come help during my childbirths in the mountains, and much more.

My many stories are true and amazing; they were the best and worst times of my life. Life lessons are there every day for all of us. I hope you enjoy, laugh, cry and learn from my books. My personal vision is to see people demonstrate a continual respect for the natural environment, and achieve world peace together. We are nature and nature is us. Knowledge of what we truly are has been stolen from us; the fact is that we are very magnificent creatures.

I envision a society where citizens can pursue their dreams, where the quality of life is not so material, leaving more time for families to enjoy life together. Everyone on earth should have healthy food and water and adequate resources’. I envision a world for all our children and grandchildren’s children that is free, beautiful and natural and self sustaining. Where nothing is wasted and everything is recycled back into other good purposes. Where animals are treated as higher evolved souls, and all the animals and fish and dolphin killings stop on land and sea. Where man’s greed halts before it’s too late, and all the people live as one on Mother Earth. I believe we should all be happy and make others happy around us. We need to stop thinking of ourselves and help preserve this earth for our grandchildren and their grand children, etc.

Nutrition, exercise, and rest in the right amounts in balance are crucial to optimum health, and longevity. I am not a physician and do not make health claims however I can be informative and responsive to your needs. All inquiries will be answered in a timely manner and it is up to you the conscious individual to make your own health decisions. All of us are entitled to health and prosperity and we collectively through awareness, education, and knowledge can make a difference in our health and longevity! Key to optimum health is to maintain a strong immune system. By balancing your life style with meaningful activity, rest and proper nutrition you are giving yourself a physical and mental advantage for a healthy and long life! Often we get caught up with our jobs, responsibilities and in doing so neglect ourselves however daily personal health care is essential.

Healing ~ To inform the public of locally available healing, health, and wellness services and practitioners.

Education~ To provide health and wellness info and education opportunities to the general public and network members.

Assistance~ To serve the health and wellness community and general public to the best of my ability.

Love ~To promote loving respect for diversity of the different healing modalities and traditions.

Truth~ To hold the highest standards of ethics and integrity in pursuit of my mission.

Honor~ To allow each person to follow his or her own unique path, without judgment.

I am now living and writing my books in Pagosa Springs, Colorado where Tom and I run and operate our own home based business. We promote transfer factor products and help visitors of Shirley’s Wellness Café. I hope you enjoy my website!

Bright Blessings Barbara

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