"Hey…how could a strapping young 3 lb Chihuahua be disillusioned on a beautiful late spring day? My “master” Barbara gives me all the amenities of “Chihuahuadom” spoiling me every time my big loving eyes look into hers. This morning I’ve convinced her that I need to go out early, smell the dandelions and yeah do my thing. Wow what a day with all those large birds flying around… big black and yellow buzzing things and dandelions that I could get lost in if I not careful. OK be careful now can’t end up dandelion wine at such an early age, why I’m only a year old."

Gizmo our chihuahua webcot Heads up now I need to convince her that I’ll go much quicker if she lets me off the leash. Besides I need to take a power run and feel the wind in my sails. Whiner whimper whim…ruff ruff whimper that ought to do it. Good I’m free and it’s a fair wind to sail by... zoooooom warp speed and jump high right over that lilac scrub turning on a dime and keeping the 9 cents change.

Gizmo halted abruptly standing motionless as a Chihuahua could, shiver almost imperceptibly looking into the eyes of an alien creature. Gizmo thought he remembered this strange creature from the grandkids animal book. Barbara’s grandchild Cyrus called it a wabbit but Gizmo thought it was spelled rabbit yes, yes looks just like that illustration.

The rabbit looked directly into Gizmo’s eyes meaning business from the get go. Gizmo stared back directly into the mind of that rabbit understanding that a test of manhood was about to happen. The rabbit charged turning fast and kicking sod into Gizmo’s face. Not bad thought Gizmo but let’s see what a Chihuahua with an attitude can do as teeth were bearing in a “heartbeat” maneuver to dismember AKA bugs in a swift counter move lunging at the throat of this overgrown fur hopper.

Missed… as the rabbit ran to parts unknown, but just as well because it was a fine morning and nature truly was calling but where. A little more investigation into “where” might resolve internal issues. Ah hah, that lilac bush I jumped over looked promising and maybe there was a reason for it all. Ok I’ll leave a calling card for bugs just to let him know whose boss and I’m too young for girls just yet. Bing, Bong, Plop

Barbara’s got that look in her eyes that it’s time to go in but just not yet there’s still time for a final sortie at warp speed through the flower bed, around the house, five circles around Barbara and then a flyby through the magical dandelion forest. Wwwrrr, Grrrr, zoom, zip, catch air, pirouette and high five round the Maypole, this is living man, I’m alive.

“Damn I’ve got bald faced hornets on my tail and I think they’re locked in!!!” Gizmo exclaimed as he did a quick evasive roll over and looked back. “Damn, it looks like I disturbed the hornet’s nest and their angry sure enough out to do me in.”

The roll over only delayed very briefly the inevitable as an elite ‘Top Gun’ knifed a barb into Gizmo’s rear flank with deft precision. “Damn I’ve been hit!” Gizmo’s high-speed sortie fell apart and crashed into dandelions sending up a plume of billowing seeds. Wreaked big time! The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat all in one fell swoop!

The highly venomous sting swiftly went to work causing excruciating pain, swelling, rapid heart rate and difficultly in breathing. Gizmo was in dire straights and needed help quickly. Barbara was standing nearby and was forced to get out of the way of marauding hornets. The hornets retreated and as Barbara approached Gizmo she knew that quick action was required. This was an emergency trip to the San Juan Veterinary Hospital.

The continuing adventures of Gizmo the Personified Chihuahua takes us to the pet hospital where the unexpected happens. Life’s lessons doled out after a brief time of freedom. Seems paradoxical doesn’t it?

Gizmo and the Pet Hospital Experience next...

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