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El Adobe Jr. Guest Ranch is the first of a series of eBooks chronicling my life’s experiences having children and pets. These are personal stories about growing up as a nature girl, country living, healing/rescuing animals, raising natural children with no electricity or running water, growing organic food and the hardships I endured along the way, but what is life without those times?

I had many beloved pets before, during and after the birth of my four children; my stories are about them and my life flight.

I loved each and every one of them dearly and miss them all! Yet through this experience of loss, I’m even more grateful for those we love, whether it is humans or animals. I watched my family rally together in a spirit of love and sadness. I saw the pain that losing someone we love can cause, and the lessons I have learned from my children and our pets, yet can’t help but smile at the fun times that we had with our extended family.

During the years we spend with our pets, it becomes a significant and special part of our life. It is a source of comfort and companionship, of unconditional love and acceptance, and of humorous experiences and joy!

This book is about my life flight as a daring nature girl and is written in the spirit of all our family and pets! For the love we share together, and hopefully will continue to share in many happy years to come, I introduce the memoirs of my life. Yes the many memories of the people, animals and children and that changed my life and the service of healing we did together. If you love God’s animals, and the natural world you will love my stories.

El Adobe Ranch is about my early memories as a child, stories about my loving grandparents, and my mothers story about her Grandma's (my great grandparents), and the stories of when I attended the Adobe Ranch Camp, and learned all about horsemanship, and natural healing from “Wind Rider” (a real American Indian medicine man) and Roy Rogers and his horse “Trigger”.

My books hold real life secrets and true amazing special stories to inspire, uplift, heal, and make you laugh and cry as you read my autobiography. I pray it will bring you all closer to the earth and your own loving hearts.

Love and Light,
Barbara Jean Raggio

Those who've lit our lives with love
are never truly "gone."
They watch over us from heaven
Where their spirits
Still shine on.

Unknown author

Please note that a portion of each eBook sale will be given to the cause of animals in need!

Excerpt from chapter Eleven of the eBook "El Adobe Jr. Guest Ranch

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