Holistic doctors and natural health practitioners are teaching us the fastest way to restore wellness is to quit putting into the body the things that have caused the physical problem to develop in the first place. Then we can give the body the nutrients it needs to repair and rebuild, as our bodies are self-healing when we provide proper organic nutrients, rest, exercise and mindful thought.

We have prepared some very informative natural health information for you, take your time and read through. I personally believe that our bodies can heal when given the right tool's to do so. Mother Nature provides all her animals including people, with the most important body system called the immune system. Most people do not understand how important the immune system is for our bodies to heal or how the immune system works.

Health and vitality I was always interested in helping people and animals, having a full life working with animals and children. Growing up as a farm girl and learning the importance of good natural diets and feeds for animals. I studied organic farming in college and went on to develop "Prayer Feather Farm" where we grew organic vegetables for farmers Markets. I developed a personal vision to see people demonstrate a continual respect for the natural environment. Knowledge of what we truly are has been stolen from us; the fact is that we are all magnificent creatures. We are nature and nature is us.

Nutrition, exercise, and rest in the right balanced amounts are crucial to optimum health, and longevity. I am not a physician and do not make health claims, however I can be informative and responsive to your needs. All inquiries will be answered in a timely manner, and it is up to you the conscious individual to make your own health decisions. All of us are entitled to health and prosperity. Collectively through awareness, education, and knowledge can make a difference in our health and longevity! The key to optimum health is to maintain a strong immune system.

Barb, Meadow on her pony Lightfoot By balancing your life style with meaningful activity, rest and proper nutrition you are giving yourself a physical and mental advantage for a healthy and long life! Often we get caught up with our jobs, responsibilities and in doing so neglect ourselves. Daily personal health care is essential, and is far less costly than compromised health that can happen over many years but it is never too late for a lifestyle change, and never too late for proper whole food nutrition. Give our bodies and minds what it needs, and we will heal from within and sometimes remarkably so.

All of us want vitality and youthful vigor so why not start on the journey of that goal today? Let us not give up or resign ourselves to premature aging, health problems and death too soon. Let us pursue personal energy and vigor to consciously improve our health and well being! It is never too late to make personal improvements towards our wellbeing! There is no time like now to start making these lifestyle changes that enhance your health and well being. It is us that need to consciously make that choice, take the next step and continuously improve upon it.

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